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Lisa   October 31st, 2017

Welcome boys and ghouls to Halloween Night on Dancing With the Stars, the evening when you come for the Halloween-themed dance routines but stay for the extraordinary amount of Halloween puns and also Sasha Farber scaring the crap out of people.

What fun! Even more fun: our first round of team dances, in which the team score will be added to each couple’s total score. There’s lots to cover, including a legitimately surprising elimination, so let’s dance.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev
Jive, “I Put a Spell on You” by Bette Midler
You guys, I’ve never trusted the “secret menu” at Starbucks, and after watching Nikki-as-a-witch serve Artem-as-a-coffee-drinker some witchy brew from “Spellbucks” during their jive, I feel very vindicated. Menus are menus for a reason! Anyway, Nikki and Artem may be having fun together in rehearsals, but it doesn’t exactly translate to a showstopper on the dance floor. Their jive is serviceable, but the judges want more oomph. The footwork is clean for most of it, but there a few mistakes that seem to rattle Nikki and zap some of the energy from the routine. Nikki and Artem’s partnership is top notch, but this routine, not so much.
Judges’ Score: 24/30


Team Monster Mash (Jordan and Lindsay, Lindsey and Mark, Nikki and Artem, Terrell and Cheryl)
With the two frontrunners and Mark Ballas dressed head to toe as a creepy scarecrow, Team Monster Mash is the team to beat. Unfortunately, the team seems to bite off more Halloween candy than it can chew. The concept is cute — the celebs are lost in a corn maze full of scary monsters and Artem’s abs wearing a hockey mask — but much of the technique is sacrificed for big production value. Their individual sequences are good, but anytime they come together as a group, things are out of sync. It’s charming but hectic, and you know how much Len dislikes hectic. Everyone is underwhelmed.
Judges’ Score: 24/30

After all the spookiness in the ballroom, now comes time for the really scary part: elimination. Four couples find themselves in jeopardy: Terrell and Cheryl, Nikki and Artem, Drew and Emma, and Vanessa and Maks.

Terrell and Cheryl and Drew and Emma are sent to safety…and both Nikki and Artem and Vanessa and Maks are eliminated. Surprise! Inside your pillow case of candy is a big steaming pile of double elimination. Ugh. Halloween is the worst.

Lisa   October 27th, 2017

Lisa   October 27th, 2017

This season finale was jam-packed with memorable moments for both Total Divas and Total Bellas fans. It is also very fitting that all of the most special moments of the season took place on or around the WWE’s biggest night of the year, WrestleMania.

There was some doubt as to whether or not WWE superstar, Nikki Bella would make it to the 2017 WrestleMania all. After Nikki Bella reinjured her rehabilitated broken neck, Nikki’s doctor was extremely concerned that his patient would cause further injury to herself by participating in the match. In fact, he stated that this WrestleMania should be the last time that Nikki performed in a wrestling ring.

So, Nikki became even more determined that this WrestleMania match should be her best one yet. Armed with strict instructions from the doctor to keep the dangerous moves to a minimum, and with the entire Bella clan, except her sister Brie by her side, Nikki headed for WrestleMania.

Meanwhile, Nikki’s sister, Brie, was too close to her due date to be in Orlando for the big event. So, she had to be content with hosting her own WrestleMania at home with her nana and sister-in-law Lauren as well as her brand-new niece, Vivian. I think that Brie was slightly sad to miss her twin’s big moment, but understood that travel was not a good idea at this stage of pregnancy. Further, I think that Brie was even more sad because of being far away from her husband, WWE Superstar, Daniel Bryan, who had to be in Orlando to perform his duties as Smackdown Live General Manager.

Daniel seemed to be just as upset as Brie about being away, because he called to check on his wife from the road. Obviously, Daniel was concerned about his wife’s rapidly approaching due date and the possibility of missing the birth of his first child, which makes him already an excellent father, in my opinion.

Nikki, Bryan, and the rest of the WWE locker room had plenty to do before WrestleMania even began. They needed to be present for fan meet and greets and autograph signing as well as press at WrestleMania All Access. One of the main questions that the press asked Nikki and John was how they felt about fans placing bets on whether or not John was going to propose to Nikki at WrestleMania. Nikki told her friends that she didn’t believe so because she felt that John was a private person, and would rather not propose in front of the WrestleMania crowd.

However, she was in for the surprise of her life when after defeating the Miz and his wife, Maryse, John proposed to Nikki. The proposal came as a complete surprise to everyone, including Nikki’s family and John’s who attended their first WrestleMania this year. Also, the locker room had no idea about John’s proposal plans. So, the moment was spectacular for everyone involved. Five weeks later another spectacular event took place in the Bella family.

It is no surprise to Total Bellas fans that Brie Bella and her husband, Daniel Bryan wanted as natural a birth as possible because of how committed they are to the environment and clean and healthy living. However, it seemed that their daughter, Birdie Joe, had other plans.

After Brie was a week late in delivering a baby, her doctor decided that she needed to be induced. After 21 hours of labor, Brie finally gave birth to her daughter via c-section. Mom and baby both came through it all completely healthy, who knows, maybe in about eighteen years you will see another woman wrestler enter the ring, maybe under the name B.J. Bryan?

Lisa   October 24th, 2017

Welcome to “A Night at the Movies” on Dancing With the Stars! It’s always an exciting theme, what with the creative movie homages (I’m looking at you, Mark Ballas) and fun costuming, but this season is even more so thanks to our guest judge (and performer): Shania Twain is in the house, you guys! Honestly, if she doesn’t begin every critique with “That don’t impress me much,” what is she even doing here?

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev
Argentine Tango, “Dernière Danse” by Indila (Foreign Films)
A beret-clad Len Goodman informs Nikki and Artem that they’ll be tackling foreign films as their movie genre, and he wants to see a routine full of class, elegance, and style. Nikki spends rehearsal working on her technique and her ability to be vulnerable. Both are easier with Artem at her side. Seriously, Artem is such a great partner for Ms. Bella. Their swanky Argentine tango suits Nikki so well. They lose balance at one point, but it doesn’t matter — the rest of the routine is très good. Those legs! They way they get into hold! Shania comments on how sensual the flick of two ankles in unison can be. I mean, (1) She’s right, and (2) LOOK AT YOU, SHANIA.
Judges’ Score: 36/40

Well, that was fun! Now let’s crush some dreams. The bottom three couples of the evening are Victoria and Val, Terrell and Cheryl, and Nick and Peta. V & V Music Factory are easily sent to safety, and in the end, it is time to say goodbye to Nick and Peta. His positive attitude and hella handsome smile will be missed, but there are a lot of contenders, and it was obvious to everyone (including Nick, let’s be honest), that he just wasn’t one of them. Hey, Hollywood is a tough town.

Lisa   October 19th, 2017

Will Nikki Bella fight again?

On this week’s episode of Total Bellas, Nikki is still dealing with the aftermath of injuring her neck again. “I’m in a lot of pain,” Nikki revealed. “You know in the end, I kept going back and forth if I was going to be done at Mania, so I feel like it’s a sign.”

Nikki has to get checked out before getting official word about wrestling at WrestleMania, and as it turns out, she’s given the greenlight. Of course, with a few promises that she’ll stay safe and avoid any moves that might further damage her neck.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are busy taking care of their own futures and have to make a decision about where to give birth. Brie has her heart set on a home birth but her family warns her that may not be the safest option for her health.

“All it is, is the emergency part,” J.J. Garcia shares after hearing Brie’s birthing plan. “We just want your safety and for you to be healthy and to have a healthy child. We don’t want to lose you or Birdie.” Looks like they still have a lot to think about.

Even though J.J. has been having some marital issues of his own, recently things have been smooth sailing for him and Lauren Garcia and he wants to celebrate by renewing their vows. J.J. puts together a beautiful ceremony for his wife and blows everyone’s expectations out of the water. cue the tears!

Watch the season finale of Total Bellas Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

Lisa   October 17th, 2017

Lisa   October 17th, 2017

Let’s be honest: We all need “Disney Night.” Whether you find “Most Memorable Year” night emotional or manipulative (or both because some of us just can’t help ourselves), the last turn on the dance floor was a lot. And outside of the ballroom, our world is…well, it’s also a lot. So Mickey and Minnie and the entire Disney crew are a cheerful, welcome respite from all the terrible. Someone is still going home at the end of the night, but let’s enjoy the DWTS tribute to “Disney Through the Years” and all the mouse ears while we can.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev
Jazz, “Remember Me” from Coco
If any DWTS superfans were wondering why “Disney” was a theme night in the fall season, since thus far it’s been relegated to spring seasons, this routine is your answer. Nikki and Artem are given a song from a new Disney/Pixar movie that comes out in a few weeks. SYNERGY, PEOPLE. Being assigned Coco ends up being perfect for this couple. The film is steeped in Mexican tradition and Nikki is of Mexican descent. Her dad managed a Mariachi band! Her nephews and nieces call her Coco! Artem works some traditional Mexican folk dance into their “jazz” routine, but mostly I’m mesmerized by all the colors. It’s fun and joyful and all the judges agree that Nikki has never looked better (or more at home) on the dance floor. 9s for you, Aunt Coco! You go, Aunt Coco!
Judges’ Score: 27/30

Disney is magic and through imagination anything is possible, except staying on DWTS when you have the lowest combined score of judges’ scores and viewer votes. In jeopardy this evening are Sasha and Gleb and Frankie and Witney. Neither of these couples deserve to go home just yet, but it is time to say goodbye to Sasha and Gleb. Don’t be too sad, because next week Shania Twain is the guest judge and she is sure to make everything better. Shania!


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