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Published by Kat
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  October 23, 2018

We are back with a look at what caused the contract signing that we are about to witness.

Michael Cole is in the ring to moderate the contract signing for the Raw Championship Match at Evolution. Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring first and she is accompanied by her sister Brie Bella.

Out next is the Raw Champion, Ronda Rousey.

Nikki and Brie leave the ring and Nikki says that she knows that Ronda is looking for a fight and that is not what they are looking for. She is not going to fight in Providence.

Ronda says she is not here to fight. She wants to make sure that Nikki signs the contract so she will be there on Sunday for their fight. Ronda says she will not lay a finger on Nikki and her word is her bond. She says that her mother would be embarrassed if either of them could hurt her with her arms behind her back.

Brie and Nikki enter the ring and Nikki sarcastically responds to Ronda’s comments. Nikki asks Ronda if she promised her mother that she would win in the Olympics and win the World Championships, just like she did. Didn’t she tell her mother that she wouldn’t get hurt in the octagon and retire undefeated. Your mother is already ashamed of you. Nikki asks what will your mother think when a Diva will beat you for your title.

Nikki signs the contract and then Nikki slaps Ronda.

Ronda looks around while Nikki and Brie laugh. Ronda smirks and signs the contract.

Ronda says come Sunday, she will end Nikki. Ronda tells Nikki she gives Nikki her word.

Ronda leaves the ring and poses on the apron before leaving, but Nikki and Brie do nothing to her with Ronda’s back turned.

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