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  August 21, 2018

Renee is backstage with the Bella Twins, who argue over whether or not they’ll return to the ring for the Evolution PPV or focus on Total Bellas and their other projects, but they will be front row tonight to watch Ronda Rousey take the Women’s Title from Alexa Bliss.

Daniel Bryan is backstage getting ice and Brie comes to check on him. Bryan should have known that Miz would pull something, and Brie says not to get her started on Maryse. Bryan says he needed this, and he didn’t come back to lose like that. Brie says he won’t win in the end, because his persistence has brought him back to WWE and taught him to fight for his dreams. She tells him not to forget that his dream was to get back in the ring, and he did that. Brie offers to stay back here with him, and he says no, he’s going to punch some walls and to go enjoy the show. They have an “okay bye” kiss and she leaves so he can stew.

Raw Women’s Title Match: Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey

Natalya comes out before the match, wearing the jacket her father wore when the HArt Foundation won the WWF Tag Team Title from Demolition at Summerslam 1990. Alexa runs from Ronda to start and tries a cheapshot, but Ronda blocks and drills her in the face. Alexa bails to the floor and tells Ronda to come back in, she’ll even turn her back and cover her eyes while sitting Indian style. Alexa comes in and gets a rear chinlock sleeper thing, but Ronda just scowls as she easily gets to her feet, breaks Alexa’s grip, and hits a spinning fireman’s carry that sends Alexa spilling out to the floor. Ronda takes chase, Alexa gets a kick to the midsection, but Ronda catches another one, and tosses her backward over her head, the nunloads with a flurry of shots in the corner, a series of judo throws that drop Alexa HARD, and another rolling fireman’s carry. Ronda drags Alexa around the ring, takes her time, looks Alexa in the eye, and cranks on the arm in a very uncomfortable looking way. Alexa’s not tapping, so Ronda completely cranks the arm back and gets the quick tapout.

Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion: Ronda Rousey

Another quick match tonight, and Alexa got NOTHING in this match. Natalya comes into the ring and hugs the new champion, then raises her hand in victory. The Bellas jump in as well to join in the celebration then she goes out to the crowd to celebrate with her husband. Feel good moment for everyone

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