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Published by Lisa
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  July 9, 2018

With John Cena busy at work, wedding planning begins to take a toll on Nikki Bella during the July 8 episode of ‘Total Bellas.’ Here’s our recap of the episode!
There are eight weeks to go until Nikki Bella and John Cena’s wedding on this week’s episode of Total Bellas, and Nikki is gearing up for her bachelorette party. Plus, there’s the issue of choosing bridesmaids — Nikki initially let TEN friends know they could be in the wedding, but as time goes on, she starts realizing that would be way too much to deal with. Meanwhile, John is super busy with work, which leaves Nikki handling most of the wedding planning on her own.

Of course, that involves buying a wedding dress. Clearly, Nikki is cutting it close, and when she last went to look for dresses, she was left overwhelmed and questioning if she even wanted to get married. She’s much more calm this time around, though, and she finds the dream dress she’s been waiting for. Making the decision is a huge relief, especially for Nikki’s sister, Brie Bella, who’d been growing concerned about whether or not Nikki was even ready for marriage.

Still, having to make so many decisions on her own is taking a bit of a toll on Nikki, but luckily, Brie steps in to lend a hand. The first order of business is bridesmaids — as time goes on, Nikki realizes she must cut down her list, and opts to go with no bridesmaids at all, aside from two maids of honor (Brie and her cousin Kristen). Unfortunately, that means telling her friends they can no longer be in the wedding.

Over dinner, Nikki breaks the news to two of the girls, and although they’re upset, they urge her to do what she wants when it comes to putting a wedding together. Obviously, there’s a bit of relief once the conversation is over, but it’s clear Nikki is still struggling as her big day approaches.

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