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Published by Lisa
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  June 25, 2018

As wedding planning gets more and more stressful, Nikki Bella turns to therapy to sort out her drama with John Cena. Here’s our recap of the June 24 episode of ‘Total Bellas’!

Nikki Bella and John Cena are together again and back to planning their wedding on this week’s episode of Total Bellas after he agreed to have a baby with her. There’s a lot of work to still be done, though — Nikki doesn’t even have a dress yet, and the wedding is just nine weeks away. Plus, Nikki needs to decide who will walk her down the aisle. She and Brie Bella have a strained relationship with their father, so it’s something she’ll have to spend some time considering. The girls’ mother, Kathy, is admittedly hoping Nikki will ask her to do it after she raised the kids as a single mom, especially since Brie had their estranged father do it.

The whole situation gets Nikki a bit stressed out and feeling like she has no control over planning her own wedding. She has a heart to heart about with her stepdad about the situation, but unfortunately, things get a bit awkward when he misinterprets the conversation as her asking him to walk her down! Eek! All the drama puts a bit of a damper on Nikki’s wedding planning — she’s simply not having fun throughout the process.

Nikki finds herself under even more pressure when John joins the family for dinner for the first time since she got back together with him. When the subject of kids comes up, John is noticeably quiet, and Nikki decides to visit her therapist to talk out everything she’s going through. Nikki admits that she fears growing apart from John because his career is taking off and never wants to hold him back. She also doesn’t want to lose her identity and independence by being “John Cena’s wife,” rather than “Nikki Bella.” All the second guessing leaves Nikki wondering — once again — if marriage with John is something that she’s ready for.

Nikki decides to get the family together and finally let everyone know who she wants to walk her down the aisle. She opens up to Brie about how miserable wedding planning has made her, and Brie realizes that something is definitely off with her sister. Finally, Nikki comes clean to her family members, and reveals she wants to walk herself down the aisle — it will be a way for her to celebrate her independence and empowerment.

Also in this episode, Brie and her husband, Bryan Danielson, work on spending alone time together for the first time since having their daughter, Birdie. Their romantic date doesn’t go as planned, though, when fans notice them and interrupt their picnic. Of course, they take the time to meet and greet their loyal followers, but it definitely puts a damper on the afternoon.

After the failed date, they give it a second try with some couples’ goat yoga. Again, it doesn’t prove to be relaxing or romantic like they wanted. Third time proves to be the charm, though — Brie and Bryan go back to one of their favorite places from before Birdie’s birth, the botanical garden, and it’s just what they needed.

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