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Published by Lisa
2 min read
  June 11, 2018

Nikki Bella is forced to focus on work as the All-Female Royal Rumble approaches on the June 10 episode of ‘Total Bellas,’ but she has a hard time amidst her drama with John Cena. Here’s our recap!

On this week’s episode of Total Bellas, it’s time for Nikki Bella to focus on work after calling off her wedding to John Cena. She and Brie Bella are preparing to compete in the first-ever All-Female Royal Rumble, and it’s a comeback in the ring for both of them. The girls head back to Tampa to train, and Nikki visits her home with John for the first time since their breakup. She’s surrounded by memories, and even finds a surprise card and bouquet of flowers from John inside.

She’s forced to put the drama out of her mind, though, as a week of intense training begins. Brie is worried that she won’t be the same wrestler now that she’s a mom, and fears that the fans won’t support her anymore. Meanwhile, Nikki is struggling with pretending everything’s okay between her and John in public, while things have fallen apart behind-the-scenes. Plus, her doctor is hesitant about her competing in the Royal Rumble match after her neck surgery.

Nikki catches a glimpse of John backstage at the event, and has a hard time knowing she can’t go to him for advice before the nerve-wracking match. The rest of her family members are also left bummed out when John doesn’t come by to say hi to them.

Despite everything going on in her personal life, Nikki is thrilled by the adrenaline rush she gets in the ring, especially after the crowd’s excited reaction to her appearance. Brie is even more nervous to get back in there, but she does so confidently and kills it. When Nikki and Brie both make the final three, Nikki eliminates her sister, and then finishes in 2nd place to Asuka.

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