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Published by Lisa
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  October 24, 2017

Welcome to “A Night at the Movies” on Dancing With the Stars! It’s always an exciting theme, what with the creative movie homages (I’m looking at you, Mark Ballas) and fun costuming, but this season is even more so thanks to our guest judge (and performer): Shania Twain is in the house, you guys! Honestly, if she doesn’t begin every critique with “That don’t impress me much,” what is she even doing here?

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev
Argentine Tango, “Dernière Danse” by Indila (Foreign Films)
A beret-clad Len Goodman informs Nikki and Artem that they’ll be tackling foreign films as their movie genre, and he wants to see a routine full of class, elegance, and style. Nikki spends rehearsal working on her technique and her ability to be vulnerable. Both are easier with Artem at her side. Seriously, Artem is such a great partner for Ms. Bella. Their swanky Argentine tango suits Nikki so well. They lose balance at one point, but it doesn’t matter — the rest of the routine is très good. Those legs! They way they get into hold! Shania comments on how sensual the flick of two ankles in unison can be. I mean, (1) She’s right, and (2) LOOK AT YOU, SHANIA.
Judges’ Score: 36/40

Well, that was fun! Now let’s crush some dreams. The bottom three couples of the evening are Victoria and Val, Terrell and Cheryl, and Nick and Peta. V & V Music Factory are easily sent to safety, and in the end, it is time to say goodbye to Nick and Peta. His positive attitude and hella handsome smile will be missed, but there are a lot of contenders, and it was obvious to everyone (including Nick, let’s be honest), that he just wasn’t one of them. Hey, Hollywood is a tough town.

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