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Published by Lisa
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  October 19, 2017

Will Nikki Bella fight again?

On this week’s episode of Total Bellas, Nikki is still dealing with the aftermath of injuring her neck again. “I’m in a lot of pain,” Nikki revealed. “You know in the end, I kept going back and forth if I was going to be done at Mania, so I feel like it’s a sign.”

Nikki has to get checked out before getting official word about wrestling at WrestleMania, and as it turns out, she’s given the greenlight. Of course, with a few promises that she’ll stay safe and avoid any moves that might further damage her neck.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are busy taking care of their own futures and have to make a decision about where to give birth. Brie has her heart set on a home birth but her family warns her that may not be the safest option for her health.

“All it is, is the emergency part,” J.J. Garcia shares after hearing Brie’s birthing plan. “We just want your safety and for you to be healthy and to have a healthy child. We don’t want to lose you or Birdie.” Looks like they still have a lot to think about.

Even though J.J. has been having some marital issues of his own, recently things have been smooth sailing for him and Lauren Garcia and he wants to celebrate by renewing their vows. J.J. puts together a beautiful ceremony for his wife and blows everyone’s expectations out of the water. cue the tears!

Watch the season finale of Total Bellas Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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