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Monday Night Raw Results – October... Hell in a Cell Preview: Divas Champion C... Live from MSG Results
The Bella Twins: Introduction
The dynamic duo, Brianna and Nicole Garcia-Colace, known best as the Professional WWE Wrestlers, The Bella Twins, make being smart, sassy, and sexy look easy. Born in San Diego, California on November 21, 1983, their parents didn't even know they were having twins! Brianna was the welcome surprise. From the start, both girls have surprised the world with their fun-loving personalities, immense physical abilities (and attributes) and hot-blooded charm; it’s the joy of being alike, yet being totally different from one another.Continue reading...
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  Monday Night Raw Results – October 5th, 2015


Back from the break and Cole shows us video from earlier today outside of the arena. A limousine pulls up and Team Bella steps out. A SUV cuts them off and Team BAD steps out. Nikki gets her hat snatched off.

Team BAD vs. Team Bella

We go to the ring and out comes Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Snuka. Sasha starts to cut a promo about being from Boston but out comes Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox to interrupt. Nikki has her Yankees hat back. Nikki knocks Team BAD and the Boston Red Sox. Fans chant “Yankees suck” at Nikki. The trash talking continues as both teams face off in the ring. The referee has to separate them as we get the bell. Naomi starts off with Nikki. Nikki throws her hat in Naomi’s face and attacks her.

Naomi takes control and in comes Sasha with knees in the corner and a 2 count. Nikki ends up turning it around and tagging in Brie. Brie with kicks in the corner. Sasha turns it around and Brie is pulled to safety as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and there’s more back and forth between both teams. It sounds like more “we want Lana” chants but the announcers believe it’s “we want Sasha.” Team Bella continues to dominate Naomi. Brie with kicks as fans chant “yes!” with her. Alicia comes in and keeps Naomi grounded. Sasha finally gets the tag and unloads on Team Bella for a pop. Sasha with big knees on Fox in the corner for a 2 count as Brie breaks it. Tamina nails Brie with a superkick. Nikki takes out Tamina. Naomi with a Rear View on Nikki. Alicia hits Naomi. Sasha ends up getting the win with a Banks Statement on Fox.

Winners: Team BAD

After the match, Renee is backstage with Becky Lynch and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte. Charlotte says Hell In a Cell is her chance to prove she earned the title and it wasn’t luck. She says the Divas Title is right where it belongs and “whooos” before walking off.

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  Hell in a Cell Preview: Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella

Charlotte will face her first test as Divas Champion at WWE Hell in a Cell, when she defends her title against its previous holder, Nikki Bella.

The second-generation competitor has been at the forefront of the Divas Revolution that has taken over WWE in recent months. As part of Team PCB, Charlotte, along with Paige and Becky Lynch, sought to help bring about change in how the Divas division is perceived. Their first goal was to get the Divas Championship off Nikki Bella, who ruled the division with an iron fist and turned away all challengers for 301 days, breaking the record for the title’s longest reign.

Charlotte nearly ruined Nikki’s run at history during a championship match on Raw in September, but Nikki and her sister Brie used a bit of Twin Magic to ensure that the title stayed around Nikki’s waist. Because of the twins’ treachery, Charlotte was granted a rematch at Night of Champions, where if Nikki was disqualified, she would lose the Divas Championship. That stipulation never came into play, as Charlotte fought through a knee injury and locked on the Figure Eight, forcing Nikki to submit and earning the Divas Championship.

The new champion’s celebration was cut short, as Paige lashed out at her partners. Things only got more complicated for the champion as her defense against Nikki was announced in a Facebook exclusive video on Oct. 5. With her first title defense looming, could Team PCB’s recent turmoil distract Charlotte from holding on to her title? Or can she prevent Nikki Bella from reclaiming the title she held for 301 days? Find out at WWE Hell in a Cell, live on WWE Network, Sunday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT!

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  Live from MSG Results


We get a recap of the Divas action on Monday Night Raw that saw Paige attacking Natalya and betraying Charlotte and Becky.

Six Diva Tag Team Match
Team Bella vs. Paige, Becky Lynch and Charlotte

Team Bella make their way out to the ring for the next match, and they get a bit of a reaction out of the crowd, which actually seems to be a bigger reaction than either Neville or Stardust got in the previous match.

Paige is out next, to a little bit of heat. Becky Lynch is out next to a pretty good pop from the fans, and she’s followed by the Diva’s Champion, Charlotte, who gets her fair share of ‘woos’ from the crowd.

The bell rings and it looks like Becky and Alicia Fox will be kicking things off. We get a lock up and Alicia tosses Becky across the ring. Another lockup and Becky tosses Alicia. Becky scores with a quick heel kick and slams Alicia to the mat before hitting a series of quick legdrops. Paige makes the blind tag and hits a quick knee to Fox’s face before tossing her into the corner for a running knee. Paige continues the assault with knees to the face before sending Alicia across the ring and kicking her in the face for a two count. Paige tags Becky back into the match and Before hits a couple of uppercuts, but Alicia is able to turn things around and tag in Brie. Brie comes in and kicks Becky, but Becky catches a second kick, and hits an exploder suplex that sends Brie to the floor.

Becky chases Brie, and mows down Alicia on the floor, but Brie makes the tag and Nikki attacks Becky from behind. Alicia tags in and she and Nikki hit a double suplex that’s good for a two count before Alicia starts stretching Becky’s arms. Alicia picks Becky up and slams her back to the mat before tagging in Brie who comes in with a flying clothesline. Brie hits Becky with a series of elbows to the shoulder, and then locks in a modified rear chinlock. Becky fights up to her feet, but can’t make the tag as she’s thrown into the ropes. Brie hits Becky with a running knee to the face that’s good for a two count.

Nicky tags in and snaps Becky’s neck before tossing Charlotte from the apron. Becky scores with a quick rollup before tagging out to Charlotte. Charlotte hits Nikki with a couple of quick chops, a neckbreaker, and a spear. Charlotte sets up for the figure eight, but Paige tags herself in, and she and Charlotte argue for a bit. Paige turns around into a big clothesline from Nikki, who tags Brie back in. Brie goes for a quick pin, getting a two count. Brie takes Paige into the corner before tagging out to Alicia. Alicia hits a nice Northern lights suplex, bridging into a pin for two. Alicia follows it up with a rear chinlock.

Alicia tosses Paige back into the corner and tags in Nikki, who wipes Paige out with a rear elbow that’s good for another near fall. Nikki traps Paige in another rear chinlock, then rolls her into a front facelock. Paige fights up to her feet, and Nikki breaks the hold. Paige scores with a kick to the chest and both women hit a clothesline at the same time. Paige crawls for the corner, but both Becky and Charlotte drop from the apron and refuse the tag. Paige is grabbed from behind by Nikki, who hits the rack attack for three.

Winners: Team Bella

Nikki gives Becky and Charlotte a thumbs up as they walk to the back. Charlotte and Becky make their way slowly up the aisle, staring Paige down on their way backstage.

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  Thursday Night SmackDown Results – October 1st, 2015


Team Bella is waiting in the ring as we return from the break. Team B.A.D.’s music hits and we get ready for a six-woman tag match. Naomi and Sasha Banks each have mics and proclaim that it doesn’t matter who started the Diva’s Revolution, because they’re about to end it.

Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D.

Brie and Sasha start the match with some decent action, including a few open-hand slaps to the face. Nikki tries to test Tamina’s strength repeatedly, before gaining the upper-hand with a big forearm. Naomi and Sasha jump in to clear the ring of Team Bella as Team B.A.D. stands tall before the next commercial break.

Sasha hits her double knee maneuver in the corner on Nikki before things break down. Divas go flying out of the ring one-by-one, and when the dust clears, Nikki is setting Sasha up for the rack attack. Tamina makes the save and Sasha is able to lock in the Bank Statement on Nikki, forcing the former champ to tap out. Big win for Team B.A.D., with Sasha getting the submission.

Winners: Team B.A.D.

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  Total Divas Recap – Season Four: Episode #13 (Return of the Ex)

The Season Finale of Total Divas starts with Nikki & Brie having dinner with Daniel Bryan and the rest of their family. At dinner, they run into Dolph who is seen with his family, and he joins the party. Nikki discusses how her relationship with Dolph was on and off for almost 5 years. Dolph starts to flirt with Nikki while at dinner, and Brie doesn’t seem to be happy about it. Daniel Bryan is also seen giving Nikki uninteresting looks from across the table, and tells Nikki how it looked like she was cheating on John Cena.

Dolph catches up with The Bellas backstage, and they all start having small talk. He then invites them to a pool party at a hotel in Phoenix. Dolph starts flirting with Nikki in a aggressively way with Nikki, which makes Brie uncomfortable. While at the pool party, Dolph, Nikki & Brie starts discussing marriage and kids, and he tells Nikki how he’s ready for both marriage and kids. He also hinted that things can change for them both.

The Bellas are backstage with Dolph and he begins to flirt with Nikki again. Brie confronts Dolph on his flirting with Nikki, accusing him of how he’s trying to get inside of Nikki’s head, and mess with it. Dolph denies the claims, and admits that he’s always joking around with The Bellas, because of how close he is with them.

Nikki and her boyfriend John Cena heads to dinner, and while they had already arrived at the restaurant before being stopped by a few fans, and pulled into a couple of photo-ops with them. Nikki discusses their relationship, and tells John about how all of her friends are seemingly getting pregnant. Cena tells Nikki about how much he loves her, and how he’s happy to be in a relationship with her, and subtly changes the subject.

While backstage at RAW The Bellas are seen signing their merchandise, and having small-talk when Dolph Ziggler walks up to them admitting that he still has feelings for Nikki, he then asks her if they both can talk privately, and pulled her aside. Brie tells him that if he’s not back with Nikki in five minutes she’s gonna find them. Nikki tells Dolph how she thinks that it’s disrespectful to Cena for him to flirt with her. Ziggler references their past relationship, claiming he can give her what she wants which is marriage and kids.

Dolph also claims that she still has feelings for him, before credits teases Ziggler trying to kiss Nikki.

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  Thursday Night SmackDown Spoilers for October 1, 2015

Want to know what Nikki & Brie are up to on Thursday Night SmackDown? Click below to find out.

Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Snuka defeated Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox when Nikki tapped out to Sasha.

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